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About Lucky and Mucky


Lucky and mucky is a book about the good and bad that live inside you.

The story focuses around Karma- a young girl observing the people in her life, and the decisions they make.

One day, after noticing her bad mood, Karma meets Lucky and Mucky- the manifestations of her emotions, and for the next week notices that everyone has these two sides.

Aimed at children 5-10, the book will deliver a self awareness message to the reader on many levels.
It explores the child’s natural ability to take ownership of his/her feelings, actions and reactions to any given situation.


Lucky was a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Lucky was friendly and made Karma feel good about herself. 

Lucky was the voice inside Karma’s head that gave her good advice and showed her the right way to behave.

Lucky made Karma feel loved, peaceful and was a true friend. 


Mucky was a cold and blurry feeling.

Mucky made Karma feel bad about herself and negative towards other people.

Mucky made Karma feel frightened and unloved and would appear when she wasn't paying attention. 

Often, Karma would feel her heart beating really fast when Mucky was around.

Mucky was not a nice friend at all. 

Book launch of Lucky and Mucky at the Children’s International Film Fesrival with Mike Larkin.


About the Author

Nicole Ben Simon


Nicole Ben Simon is a mother of three daughters and lives in Melbourne, Australia . She works in Early Childhood Education and brings life and love to children through her group music and dance.

Her passion for children is undeniable.  

Having been through her own personal family struggles, Nicole developed self love survival tools which have assisted her to rise above those challenges. 

She has drawn on these concepts and translated them into an exciting and colourful children’s novel, aimed at young minds. 

This is her first offering to the book wor


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